Case Study: Public Sector

Naumburg council

The Challenge:
Individually used and locally administered output devices, decentral paper, toner and spare parts procurement used up unnecessary resources and made reliable and transparent budgeting impossible. Furthermore, scant security standards caused inadequate protection from abuse and infringements. Although cost savings were desirable, their implementation into practice was unfeasible.

The Solution:

  • Consolidation of processes in order to achieve a reduction in the fleet size while at the same time achieving greatly improved utilisation rates.
  • Implementation of all-in service rental contract for clear budgeting and cost control.
  • Central collection and control of all data such as device usage, paper and toner consumption and user rights to provide greater transparency. Introduction of printing rules (e.g. for the use of A3, colour and duplex devices) for more efficiency.
  • Introduction of authentication procedure to provide unified, comprehensive security standards.

The Results:

  • Substantial cost savings thanks to a reduction of the fleet size from a total of 25 copiers and 80 printers to 30 MFPs and 20 printers, as well as the introduction of printing rules.
  • Precise budgeting and cost control of all output devices for the first time ever.
  • Highest data security standards without an increase in the administrative work load.
  • Greatly simplified administrative and accounting procedures through centralised device administration.

Customer Statement:

“Other municipal administrations have been completely surprised at how much can be saved through copying and printing infrastructure, and they come to us to see what we have attained.”

Matthias Walther, Data Processing Systems Manager for the City of Naumburg