Make your employees more mobile

Everything working as it should.

KYOCERA solutions offer you and your employees the freedom they need to work while on the move – central printing and scanning functions that are simple and secure available at any time.

Seamless integration.

Once you’ve been authenticated for the first time, you can print, access and store data – even from a smartphone or tablet PC.

Efficiency knows no limits.

Make your documents mobile using a smartphone or tablet PC. All you need to print them is a touch of a button and a KYOCERA system nearby.

NSi AutoStore

AutoStore captures and processes your files, and then sends them to the right people. And while it’s doing all this, processes can even be automated for the devices involved. This forward-looking tool can index, convert and archive your documents regardless of whether they’ve been scanned or are already in electronic format. With its seamless integration into any document management system, AutoStore is a product that can boost your business.

KYOCERA Mobile Print

KYOCERA Mobile Print lets you securely scan or print from a smartphone or tablet PC within your network. You choose the settings, including resolution and file format, and the app gives you a breakdown of the costs. The security of your documents is guaranteed as the app neither makes use of an Internet server nor the cloud, and operates via an optional authentication protocol and your dedicated network instead. And the best part? … The app’s available for free!


KYOCERA MyQ is a new solution that makes the scanning and printing of documents easier and more efficient. It also allows you to manage, control and monitor your documents across your fleet. KYOCERA MyQ offers watertight security controls for sensitive documents and at a cost that offers incredible value for money.


SmartPrint empowers you to control network printing by using page costs for color, grayscale, page size and more in combination with monitoring: Rules (filters), Quotas, Charging/external billing, Detailed logging, Reports