Manage and archive documents

Get ahead when it comes to archiving.

If you want to manage your documents more transparently and optimise their availability, KYOCERA can give you an efficient head start thanks to its defined processes.

The solution’s closer than you might think …

Our solutions enable you to archive your documents in a structured way, are audit-proof, and let your employees access and categorise them easily thanks to the clear search function. Central version control also makes sure users always have the latest version in front of them.

Workflow optimisation included.

Make recurrent processes do the hard work for you by automating them – enable certain departments to view invoices or ensure that discount periods are adhered to, and benefit from a host of other functions to give your business a boost.

NSi AutoStore

capture_and_control_your_documents-cps-00017-image-cpsarticleAutoStore captures and processes your files, and then sends them to the right people. And while it’s doing all this, processes can even be automated for the devices involved. This forward-looking tool can index, convert and archive your documents regardless of whether they’ve been scanned or are already in electronic format. With its seamless integration into any document management system, AutoStore is a product that can boost your business.


SMARTVAULT provides convenient, secure access to documents stored centrally. Documents are easily searchable on index or content. A full history (audit trail) is maintained on all document activity. A flexible and powerful permissions structure provides a highly secure environment for all documents. Documents can be automatically imported via fax, email or MS Office.