Optimise your workflows

Relieve your employees of routine tasks.

Don’t get weighed down by manual document management and tedious process organisation. With KYOCERA, you can keep your head free of clutter – and all the information at your fingertips for when you need it.

The documents take care of themselves.

Using a process-oriented and rule-based approach, you can make your documents available to the relevant people.

Ensure your processes run smoothly.

Right from the automatic confirmation email through to the approval process for incoming invoices, predefined processes save you time and help you prevent those annoying little mistakes.


KYOCERA MyQ is a new solution that makes the scanning and printing of documents easier and more efficient. It also allows you to manage, control and monitor your documents across your fleet. KYOCERA MyQ offers watertight security controls for sensitive documents and at a cost that offers incredible value for money.


Equitrac Office® print management software helps you to gain control and manage your printing to reduce costs, increase document security and enable sustainability programs. Equitrac Office delivers these benefits by automatically enforcing printing rules, authenticating users and accurately identifying and allocating document costs. It is compatible with virtually all MFPs widely deployed in businesses of all sizes including healthcare and financial institutions.


KYOeasyprint is a solution that lets you automate frequent print workflows. For instance, different templates (e.g. company letterhead) can be added automatically to your printout so that the document is printed in the desired way in one click. This eliminates the need for preprinted company letterheads.

In addition, KYOeasyprint can automate the distribution of documents to various output destinations. How does printing an invoice for the customer and a copy to the accounting department with only one click sound to you? A smart solution indeed.


It is a challenge for many organizations to provide frequently needed documents and forms in an efficient manner: they have to be always up-to-date, and quickly accessible by all relevant staff. Many organizations pre-print their forms and documents however the costs and environmental impact of throwing away unused or out-dated copies can be immense. QuickPrint provides a solution by offering immediate access to documents from the MFP panel for direct printing.

USB card readers

Our USB card reader portfolio allows you to determine how employees use devices and to control general access, all using your staff’s very own ID cards. This ensures that documents don’t end up in the wrong hands. Moreover, establishing special access rights enables you to reduce printing costs. Should you also choose to make the most of the identification feature, you can even record and allocate your costs in the most efficient way. With seven readers to choose from, which all comply with the latest key technology transfer standards, all you have to do is choose the one that’s right for your business. Furthermore, they’re all designed to be integrated seamlessly into KYOCERA systems.

NSi AutoStore

AutoStore captures and processes your files, and then sends them to the right people. And while it’s doing all this, processes can even be automated for the devices involved. This forward-looking tool can index, convert and archive your documents regardless of whether they’ve been scanned or are already in electronic format. With its seamless integration into any document management system, AutoStore is a product that can boost your business.


SmartPrint empowers you to control network printing by using page costs for color, grayscale, page size and more in combination with monitoring: Rules (filters), Quotas, Charging/external billing, Detailed logging, Reports