Imagine the potential consequences if you cannot find an important document like a contract or an invoice. In many organisations, the processing and archiving of business critical documents is still a time consuming and error prone manual process. To remedy this, intelligent capture solutions reduce risks and increase operational efficiency at the same time.

ScannerVision is a capture solution to automate scan workflows, a so-called middleware between the Multifunctional Printer (MFP) and a destination like a network folder or back-end business application. It automatically converts documents and stores them in the right destination based on predefined business rules, thereby streamlining document workflow and ensuring compliance.

Business Challenges

  • Scanning documents and manually entering index information into a Document Management System (DMS) is very time consuming – Isn’t there a faster way?
  • We are spending too much time trying to locate misfiled documents and to fix errors in data entry – Can we eliminate those errors and work more accurately?
  • We have high costs related to documents: mail and couriers, centralised scanning, faxing and document storage – Can we bring down these costs?

Advantages with ScannerVision

  • Save time: Capture, digitise and store documents with the least amount of manual input.
  • Minimise errors: Automation of workflows and user guidance ensure that documents are stored in the correct way and in the right location, for quick retrieval of information.
  • Reduce costs: Distributed capture reduces processing time while cutting costs in shipping, mailing and storage – saving time and money and increasing efficiency.

Features & Specifications

ScannerVision enables users to define and execute custom document workflows as an automated process.

  • Connectors – Link directly into a wide range of applications, like Microsoft SharePoint, cloud services or Document Management Systems.
  • Metadata – To make sure that all scans are correctly stored, metadata can be assigned automatically based on information such as date and time of processing or document content.
  • LDAP / AD Support – Access your company’s address book from the front panel, and securely login for individual options.
  • OCR Conversion – Transform hardcopy originals into searchable and editable content, with text recognition for over 100 languages.
  • Barcode Recognition – Automatically recognise specific barcodes containing index data. Process and route documents based on barcodes to speed up document conversion and storage.
  • Encryption – For enhanced security, network traffic between ScannerVision clients and server can be encrypted.