KYOmulticode 1.0


Keep your company competitive. Plug and play simplicity of KYOmulticode 1.0 provides fast and easy access to barcode printing options which improve your office productivity. KYOmulticode 1.0 expands your printing options even further, adding a variety of fonts for your global business.


  • KYOmulticode 1.0 and PCL Barcode Flash 3.0 enable you to use the precision and low operating cost of KYOCERA printers, copiers and multifunctionals to print one- and two-dimensional barcodes.
  • The KYOmulticode 1.0 flash card also adds Unicode multi-byte font capabilities to KYOCERA printers, copiers and multi functionals. This includes four Andale fonts for Japanese, Korean, simplified and traditional Chinese plus support for all other existing languages.


KYOmulticode 1.0 enhances your printing options by adding barcode features andUnicode multi-byte font capabilities, meeting the requirements of your global business.

  • A standard Unicode font for the printing of all common languages used in day-to-day business.
  • SAP device type support for KYOCERA devices, Unicode and non-Unicode.Barcode printing from SAP and other applications.
  • Can be easily integrated into existing IT environments via plug and play.
  • Extensive compatibility with traditional applications on the market.
  • Supports 65 one- and two-dimensional barcodes including OCR-A and OCR-B fonts.
  • Supports the Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMBC) from the US Postal Service.

KYOmulticode 1.0 is designed to operate with most KYOCERA products.
For detailed information on supported barcodes and device compatibility please see the latest specifications.

KYOmulticode 1.0 and PCL Barcode Flash 3.0 are designed to operate with the complete KYOCERA product range.