PCL Barcode Flash 3.0

KYOCERA PCL Barcode Flash 3.0 expands the proven PRESCRIBE barcode printing capabilities of KYOCERA devices with an extensive set of additional PCL-based barcodes. PCL Barcode Flash contains 45 one-dimensional and two-dimensional fonts, PDF 417 and Maxicode.

Thanks to its integrated memory capacity, forms and templates can be stored directly on the card itself. Documents can be printed directly at the printer – without the need for a PC.

With KYOCERA, your barcode printing is simply more cost-effective and flexible. KYOCERA’s class-leading total cost of ownership (TCO) and long-life components mean that even high volume print jobs can be completed with a minimum of expenditure and maintenance.

Increased efficiency in a cost-effective package: KYOCERA PCL Barcode Flash 3.0 secures you a serious advantage.


  • Barcode printing from SAP and other applications.
  • Can be easily integrated into existing IT environments via plug and play.
  • Extensive compatibility with traditional applications on the market.
  • Supports 45 one- and two-dimensional barcodes including OCR-A and OCR-B fonts.
  • Supports the Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMBC) from the US Postal Service.

KYOmulticode 1.0 and PCL Barcode Flash 3.0 are designed to operate with the complete KYOCERA product range.